Ghost in the Bed - 12/09/2021

This photo on the right (below) was taken in the historic Worley Bed & Breakfast Inn, Dahlonega, Georgia, US in 1999. It was taken by a photographer who had been hired to take publicity shots for the owners. The photo seems to show the upper half of a male torso, laying in a bed of one of the bedrooms. It was one of many photos taken at the time and the image was thought to have a blur on it and was put aside. In 2003, when the photos were looked at again, someone realised the photo had, after closer inspection, the figure of a male, not a blur. The owners of the B&B sent the photo to a paranormal research group L.E.M.U.R.

The property was built around 1845 and the Worley family resided there. The male figure laying in the bed is said to be of one of the older children of the Worley family, Claude Worley, who was killed when he was struck by a train. Claude was only 14 years of age when he met his demise. This happened in August, 1891. His photo can be seen on the right