Seated Apparition in Norfolk Venue

Spooky Sunday 28/02/2021

This photo was taken on July 18th 2015, in a un-named venue in Norwich. It was taken by Jodie Carman, whilst investigating the venue with the Norfolk Ghost Hunters Group. The building is said to be very haunted. Leading up taking the photo, there were numerous bumps and knocks being heard whilst the group were still and silent. Jodie was said to have been amazed at capturing the head and shoulders apparition.

The land to the venue has a history of a dark past as it was where the bodies of the plague were placed and for years to come, bones from these burials were said to wash up after heavy rainfall. It was also used for the burial of bodies who had been hanged too.

The venue owner wants the the location to be kept secret as he fears if people were to find out about the ghostly goings on, it would put potential customers off from hiring and using the building.