The Girl in the Window

Spooky Sunday 30/04/2023

This photo was taken by paranormal author and investigator Andrew Green (28th July 1927- 21st May 2004) and it was taken in 1944 when he was a teenager. The house was situated on Montpelier Road, Ealing and at the time of the photo, it had been empty for many years until the local council requisitioned it and used it as storage for furniture and goods that came from bombed houses and shops in the local area. The house had been quite an average looking but rather large Victorian house that had a 70 foot high tower attached to the main body of the house in the back garden, so the house and tower were named Eberslie Towers. 

It had been said that a 12 year old girl, Anne Hinchfield had thrown herself off the tower, back in 1887 and that during the 1930’s, a nursemaid was said to have thrown her young charge from the top of the tower then she also threw herself off the tower. It was Andrew Green’s mother, who was working as a nurse at the time, was to attend this grisly scene as she accompanied the doctor who was to examine the bodies. 

Andrew’s mother, whilst waiting for the doctor to finish his examinations, went and sat on a bench in the garden, where she saw footprints appear in the grass, as though some invisible entity was walking through the grass. They stopped at a garden seat and the garden seat was then seen to move, as though someone had sat upon the chair.

There are said to have been 20 suicides and all of those threw themselves off the tower. Andrew Green later found this out from local police sources.

Andrew Green was around 17 years old at the time and his father, who was working for the local council, asked Andrew if he’d like to go to this particular house as it had a reputation for being haunted. Andrew’s intention was to walk around the house and gardens to take photos. The council workmen would refuse to work in the house after 3 hours there due to there being a very strange atmosphere, tools going missing and a disgusting smell. The council had tried to find where this smell was coming from by stripping & re-plastering the walls and relaying all the flooring but to no avail. The smell seemed to appear around the 28 day mark and would be strongest in one particular room. 

Andrew went into the garden and took the photo you can now see. The house was locked and no one was inside. He walked to the bottom of the garden so he could fit all of the house into his viewfinder. When it was developed, the figure of what appears to be a girl, is seen in the window and the figure was not seen when the photo was taken.

Also, when Andrew was in the back garden, he went up the tower but he felt an urge to jump off it. He began to quickly climb to the top of the tower and as he did so, he said he felt a pair of hands around his waist almost pulling him up the ladder in the tower. He finally got to the top and as he looked out over the fantastic view, he had a strange mental message, telling him to “Walk over the parapet, it’s only 12 inches onto the lawn, you won’t hurt yourself”. 

Andrew ended up sitting on the lower parapet, preparing to jump when he felt someone tug at his shirt. It was his father, who pulled him off the parapet and he said “ We don’t want any suicides in the family” and whatever was telling Andrew to jump, lost its grip on him. 

Andrew Green revisited the house in 1952 as he was a member of a local amateur dramatic group, who were rehearsing in the house for a new play called The Poltergeist. The house had been turned into 15 flats and the director, Ken Yandell, was living in one of these flats. He had no prior knowledge of the history of the house but said when he moved into the property in 1950, his terrier dog would run into the living window and would growl and be slobbering at the window as though he was trying to fight an unseen creature. Ken noticed this would happen every 28 days. 

During the first rehearsal, another member seemed to go into a trance. In this trance, this member said they were called Anne and that they didn’t take their life and that they only wanted to go into the garden. Ken complained about the hideous smell from his bathroom. His bathroom had been the room where the smell had been the strongest when the building was a house. Sadly, the play would not see the stage as the lead of the play was killed during a vehicle accident, another cast member was badly hurt in an aircraft accident and some unforeseen financial difficulties were to stop this production.

A couple of years later, Ken Yandell was admitted to hospital as he had been in the bath and was heard gasping and trying to shout for help as he was choking. Luckily, his wife had heard him and they quickly got to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with sulphur poisoning. The Sister at the hospital said that whilst whatever was choking Ken was some sort of poison, it was unheard of that this type of poisoning would develop whilst lying in the bath.

Ken’s neighbours had started to tell him and his wife about ghostly activity they were experiencing; the sounds of someone walking but who had a limp and walking stick. This particular flat was built where the corridor to the tower once was. Another couple, whose flat was in the actual tower, commented that they had been sitting in the garden, facing their door, when they saw their doorbell being pushed in by invisible hands.

The house was finally demolished in 1970 and a new block of 16 flats were built on the land. Some new residents have not seen anything untoward but some have but won’t talk about it. Even the local postman has stated that he “has seen things” but wasn’t wanting to share just what things he had seen.