The Head   

Spooky Sunday 22/08/2021

In Hull there is a one of the largest aquariums in the UK, which has over 3000 creatures, which include Sharks, Penguins and Sawfish so there's a lot of opportunities to take photos of these. In 2008, Emma Place was a visitor to The Deep and she took this photo, only discovering the head in the photo later on. It was said that CCTV of when Emma and her family visited, showed only them in the area at the time so this wasn't a reflection.

There has been some research to the area that The Deep is built on and they found that just near to where it was built, there had been a small hospital that treated smallpox and their patients were mainly from sea farers coming into the local port. There has been a report of one of the night time security staff saw a ghost here a few years before this photo was taken. All I can say is that this is certainly a spooky looking photo!