The Black Abbot of Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Spooky Sunday 01/08/2021

This photo was taken on 22nd November 1990, in the churchyard in Prestbury in Gloucestershire. It was Derek Stafford who took the photo and he chose the churchyard as it was foggy and thought he would get some interesting effects on the photos, never thinking he would capture the Abbot that is said to be seen here! All of the photos taken that evening appeared just as Derek had seen them through the viewfinder and the spectre was on the last photo.

The Black Abbot is said to take the same route when he's seen; from the church, through the graveyard then straight towards the grounds of the priory then walks through the wall of an old cottage on the high street. He is usually seen around Christian holidays that people see him. One witness said she saw the figure but he appeared only from the knees up.

The village of Prestbury is said to be one of the most haunted villages in the U.K, with it's bloody history during the War of the Roses, it's probably no surprise that ghosts from that era are still seen to this day.