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Spooky Sunday 19/12/2021
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This photo was taken in the York Castle Museum prison cells in 2013. Lindsay Coldrick & her husband Steve would visit places that they heard were haunted and were trying to capture photographic evidence of paranormal phenomena. On this occasion, Lindsay & Steve were joined by a friend and her son. The friend had psychic and mediumistic abilities and took several shots of this particular area. The group moved on and didn't look at the photos taken till they got home. Lindsay went though the photos and came across the one you can see above. She asked her friend who the man was in the photo but her friend stated no-one else had been in that area when she took the photo.

You can clearly see a male figure under the light. He has silver, short hair and the light source is shining on his head. He's wearing a dark top with matching trousers. His footwear seems large and clumsy for his size. His arms are nowhere in sight, which I find slightly odd.

If we look at the history of the York Castle Museum, we find out that prison had been built on the grounds of the castle, using the stones from part of the castle that had fallen down. I looked up the uniform that would've been worn and it was either striped or dark, just like the figure in the photo. There were 2 prisons on the grounds of the castle; one was a debtors prison, which would've housed criminals also and a female prison. There were executions that took place on the grounds of the castle too. The most infamous prisoner at the prison was Dick Turpin.

If we are to believe that absolutely no-one else was in the areas when this photo was taken, then this is a very interesting photo. I wish we could see the other photos taken at the time this was taken so we can compare.

Here's is an example of what the prisoners clothing looked like around 1850. It does look similar to what the figure in the photo is wearing.

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