The Worstead Ghost

Spooky Sunday 17/04/2022

This photo was taken in 1975 in a church that is in the Norfolk village of Worstead. You can see the lady with the dark hair wearing yellow and cream outfit. Her husband took the photo. The couple, who are Diane and Peter Berthelot, were alone in the church but there clearly is a whitish figure behind Diane. This figure was only noticed after the photo was taken, Diane stated she felt a warmth and feeling of peace when sat on the church pew.

There have been people who have experienced this white figure, who was said to be seen in the church every Christmas Eve and they called the figure The White Lady.

In 1830, a man told several of his friends he would be going to the church on Christmas Eve to see if the white lady could actually be seen. After he had been gone sometime, his friends went to look for him, The poor man was found huddled up in a corner, very frightened and stating he had seen her, only to collapse and die right where they had found him.

The pub in the village is now called The White Lady to pay homage to this legend.