Ghost Baby Photo

Spooky Sunday 19/11/2020

Ghost baby photo spooky sunday mystical times blog

This photo was taken between 1946-1947, in a cemetery in Queensland, Australia. It was taken by Mrs. Mary Andrews and she was visiting the grave of her son Cecil (29 years of age) and her daughter Joyce (17 years of age). She took the photo of their headstone.

Later when she got her film developed, she saw the figure of a baby on her children's grave. It came as a shock as she didn't recall taking any photos of babies or being anywhere to take photos of babies. There wasn't any alive babies in the cemetery at that time either.

As with all possible ghost photos. there starts to be different explanations as to what caused the image to show something that wasn't there at the time. People speculated that it was the daughter but as a baby. Mrs. Andrews disagreed with that opinion. No other anomaly's showed up on the rest of the film.

Could it have been a mistake in the processing of the film? Maybe.

Some sort of double exposure? Films were quite expensive to buy and process so maybe it had taken a while to use up the roll of film?

Debate still continues to this day regarding why the baby's image was in that photograph. Back in the 1990's, a paranormal investigator, Tony Healy, went to look into the cemetery to see if it gave any clues. It is said he found 2 graves of female babies near to where Mrs. Andrew's children's grave was. Could one of these be the baby in the photo?