The Gunwalloe Church Cove Ghoul

Spooky Sunday 28/03/2021

This photo was taken in 2005 in the Gunwalloe Church Cove in Cornwall. Some of the Poldark tv show have been filmed at this location but on this occasion, Warren Smith, his father, Stephen Smith and young brother, Dale Smith, were enjoying a holiday in this part of Cornwall.

Warren took this shot of his father and brother at this local beauty spot on his Samsung mobile phone. Warren was shocked to find the dark figure, wearing a hat on the snapshot. The cove is quite difficult to get to and he said there was no one else in this spot at the time. The figure is slightly transparent and wearing a hat and to my eye, looks out of proportion to the 2 males in the photo.

The church in this area is called St.Winwalloe (the church of the storms) and is believed to have been founded in the 6th century and was founded by an Abbot from Brittany, who was called Winwalloe. This tiny church hides behind a prehistoric cliff castle. A cove slightly further down (Dollar Cove) still has silver coins show up on the beach from a Spanish ship wreck from 1669. I can only imagine what these coves have been witnessed to over the centuries. Could this figure still be hunting those silver coins?

The beauty spot of Gunwalloe is now owned by The National Trust.