A Mothers Love

This is a very sad experience.

In March, 2015, a fisherman called 911 to say he had spotted an upturned car in a river in Utah. Police and firefighters (all male) rushed to the area where the car was and were trying to turn the car over when a females voice was heard to say "Help me, Help us", to which one of the emergency responders replied "We're helping, we're coming" and said this gave them the adrenaline rush to turn the vehicle over.

Sadly, the young mother was deceased (later stated she died on impact) but her baby was strapped in the back, only inches from the water flowing through the car, breathing but barely alive. It was later said that the car had been in the river and overturned for around 14 hours. The rescuers had to be treated as the water was so cold.

Who had called out for help? 

The baby went on to recover thankfully.

In this video, the emergency responders talk about this experience.