The Arc of Light

Spooky Sunday 21/05/2022

Arc of Light The Entity film

This photo was taken when Barry Taff was investigating the case of Doris Bither who alleged paranormal happenings in her home in California 1974 and horrifyingly, she reported was being raped by an invisible entity and sexually molested by 3 male spirits.

The case was investigated by Barry Taff (who was working in the then Parapsychology lab in UCLA) and Kerry Gaynor after a friend of Doris Bither overheard them having a conversation and thought they could help her friend.

It was reported that Barry Taff took several photos of differing luminous anomalies whilst investigating the case and the photo below being just one of them

Doris Bither's experience was written into a book by Frank Deflitta in 1978, which then became the basis for the 1980's horror film "The Entity.