Ghostly Figure in Pub Cellar

Spooky Sunday 11/09/2022

This photograph was taken in 1973 and shows the cellar of a 17th century public house, King Charles II, in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England. The cellar was, at that time, divided into 2 sections as there was a damp area on one side so the landlady moved all the beer equipment to the non damp side. The photograph was taken by the landlady to show the regulars to the pub what the cellar had looked like before it had been divided. It was a Mrs V. H. Boler who was landlady from 1973 to 1980.
The landlady never noticed the figure at the time of taking this photo but someone pointed the figure out when first seeing the photo. Another weird thing about the photo, aside from the figure, was that there was also no electric supplied to the cellar either but you can clearly see 2 funnels of light emitting from where the ghostly figure can be seen.
Further research into the history of the building shows that it was connected via underground tunnels to the tower in the town centre. There are further reports of hearing bells ringing and dogs that refuse to sit near the door to the cellar. Add to that, the cold and icy feeling above the cellar, which is where other apparitions have been witnessed.
The photograph and negative was sent for authentication and the results stated that neither photo nor negative had been tampered with nor was it double exposure.