The Barton Mansion Video

Spooky Sunday 20/03/2022

I remember seeing this video on the early 2000's so thought I'd re-visit it for Spooky Sunday. This video was taken in September 2001 in the abandoned Barton Mansion in Redland, California. It's said that a lot of strange things were going on in the building so these 2 teenagers decided to go into the empty property and video the experience- the video shows the whole of their visit but I've made sure it starts just before they see what made them run away!

There's a lot of history to the land and the property. The land was said to have been the site of a Native American burial ground and that it was cursed to those who would use it as anything other than the burial site. The person who purchased the land was Dr Ben Barton, who got it cheap enough to not let the curse aspect worry him too much. This was in 1859.

It's said that Dr Barton used the dirt on the land to make bricks, which were then used in the building of the property. It is said that not much time had passed, after the mansion had been built, that Dr Barton's daughters were said to have passed away. Within a few months of this happening, his wife was also said to have died. According to reports I've seen, these deaths were mysterious as to why they died. It was said that after this awful time for Dr Barton, he was showing signs of being very mentally distressed (understandably so) as he was forced to live in the property on his own.

The local rumour mill started to say he had tried to summon the spirits of his deceased loved ones, that he began doing Satanic rituals, even murdering transient people in his basement. Later, in the 1920's, the property became a sanitorium, initially to treat people who had Polio. It later treated people with nervous dispositions and those with high blood pressure too. It was named the Terrace Spring sanitorium. This health care company closed it's doors in this property in the 1950's. In the 1970's, the building was re-opened as a nursing home. It had 70 beds but more than a 100 residents. This too was closed after the building suffered a severe flood so the building laid empty after that.

So what did these teens catch on their camera? Someone dressed up? A real creature? Something from another dimension? I don't know. What I do know is that the teenagers reaction was real but I'm not so sure about the figure they saw.