A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer

A Reading, a Dream and a Serial Killer  mystical times blog

When I was giving mediumistic readings, I would often get asked to do readings via email or Skype. Someone had asked if I would look at a photograph via email and give a reading via Skype. I initiated that I only look at the photograph when we were connected over Skype as I didn't want my 'monkey mind' to start trying to fit pieces together. I wanted to be in the zone of having meditated before any reading began.

This was when Google Mail had the option of knowing when a receiver had opened a sent email so this was also observed. The only thing I knew about the photograph was it was both sets of this person's grandparents. In time we agreed a date and date- logistics needed here as I am in the UK and the person was in the US. So as we greeted each other over Skype, I said I was about to open the photograph and then give the information that I was tuning in to. The reading went very well and the person receiving the reading was very happy with what she had heard. As with all the readings I would give, I reminded the person if they had any further questions or wanted to confirm anything that they were unsure of in the reading, I would be more than happy to assist where I could. I also mentioned that sometimes I will have dreams pertaining to the reading so I would also pass on any dreams that may be pertaining to the reading.

Later that night, I dreamt I was being invited onto a chat show- very American in its style- think of the Merv Griffen show. I was very conscious in the dream and I looked beyond the razzle and dazzle of the set and found myself staring into the eyes of the serial killer Ted Bundy!

He had a very wielding charm as he took a bow whilst smiling. It was quite mocking and he then put out his left arm, as if to guide me towards a black leather chair that had a spotlight shining onto it. I could feel the hate and anger behind his faux charm and tense stare and felt myself recoiling, so much so that I woke up. It left a really horrible feeling in the air and whilst I didn't know too much about him, I knew he had killed many females in the US but I didn't know any finer details.

I reluctantly emailed the person whom I had given a reading the night before. I remember apologising for bringing up my dream but apart from making me feel disgusted about having someone like Ted Bundy enter my dreams, I wondered if she perhaps knew why I dreamt about this killer?
It was her turn to now apologise as it was then she informed me that one of her grandmothers had been friends with Ted Bundy's mother. Her grandmother was in a ladies group in Washington, who would lunch together and one of these ladies was Ted Bundy's mother.
In this lunching ladies group, no one brought up the subject of Bundy to his mother. Apparently, it never openly acknowledged within the group of what Bundy had been accused of or his being sentenced to death .

So, it was a connection but never one I'd have ever imagined. That dream still affects me to this day as there was something so controlling and cruel about Ted Bundy's energy. Him appearing in the guise of someone like a chat show host was manipulative and controlling as it made it look like he wanted to interview me but it was literally, all show, as it was all for his own needs.
It has really made me think about someone in life whose own actions have caused so much pain and terror to others, yet their energies are still around? This reading was given about 10 years ago and this is the first time I have openly shared it with anyone apart from a few close and trusted friends and family.