Remember This...a child remembering a previous life

Remember This...a child remembering a previous life

Here's a personal experience I had with my oldest son who was 3 years of age at the time he told me about his previous life and death.

It was a hot & sunny day and I was having lunch with my 2 sons who were 1 and 3 at the time. The window was open as we sat at the dining table, when we heard the noise of an older aircraft flying over.
On hearing this, my 3 year old said “That sounds like the plane that killed me”. I was taken aback at this so I just repeated what he had told me. His reply was so matter of fact, that it sent shivers down my spine. “You know” he said, “When I had another mum and I was a man called Stephen" I, in my state of shock, just replied “Ok”.

He then went on to describe how he lived in London and that he had had a girlfriend at the time and he lived with his mum and they would all go to the pub on the corner. He was 3- he hadn't even been to a pub!

He went on to say it was him, his mum and his girlfriend, who were all sitting in the front room listening to a radio, when all of a sudden, he heard the noise of an aircraft and then a blasting noise. He became quite animated in telling me when this explosion happened, He said, whilst flailing his arms around, “There was blood everywhere!” It was like he was actually reliving the shock of it all.
I didn't want to ask him too many questions as I didn't want to lead him as he was just 3. I told him he was safe now and gave him a hug.
I wish I had asked what his surname had been and where this house in London was so I could research it but again, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

He's in his 30's now and doesn't recall any of those memories.
PS- if you have heard this before, it's because I spoke about it on Jim Harold's Campfire Stories back in 2011 and it appeared in his book of the same name and the 2nd one in the series.