A Short Visit to The Skirrid Inn

1st October 2022

Skirrid Inn photo by Michele Eve Mystical Times Blog
Inside the Skirrid Inn by Michele Eve Mystical Times Blog
Wooden door of the Skirrid Inn by Michele Eve Mystical times blog

It was on the 1st of October that I visited the alleged haunted Skirrid Inn, which is in the village of Llanvihangel Crucorney, Monmouthshire. I’d only heard in passing that it was haunted so as it was just an hour's drive away, I thought I’d pay it a visit. Even if nothing spooky happened, it would be good to just take in the history of the place.

Got to the village about 30 minutes before the pub opened so just scouted around the area, taking photos. Went in the pub and while I was taking it all in, I stepped into the main bar (where the massive fireplace is). I saw a figure, who was draped in black, standing outside the door to the men's toilets. The figure gave off the feeling as though he was on guard. I asked my partner if he saw anything in that area and he didn’t. Apart from the woman serving behind the bar. no one else was there at that time.

We ordered food and drink and I chose to sit near to where I saw the figure (the table with dark brown wood panelling to the left of the photo). I couldn’t see him anymore but still felt the guardian vibes the figure was giving off. Another thing I noticed was that there was a smaller part of the bar, which faced onto the garden area, had a very strange sensation. The only way to describe it is as unwelcoming, so I quickly came out of that room.

Nothing untoward or weird happened when we sat, ate and drank but there was still that guardian feeling coming from the same area so thought I’d look up to what actually is said to haunt the Skirrid Inn.

And that’s when I came across an experience that a landlord’s 4 year old step grandson had- “He had been at the pub for just one week and was there with his step-grandson who was about four at the time and who asked to use the toilet. “He came back seconds later and said: ‘The man in the long dress won’t let me in.’ That frightened me more than what any customer has ever said since,” Geoff said. “We certainly wouldn’t have told him about the reputation of the pub being a four-year-old. He wouldn’t have realised that gentlemen in those days would have worn a cloak or a robe. Being a brave man that I was I said: 'Wait until your nan comes home'.”

This came from a Wales Online report, which you can read more about the ghosts. Legends and myths this 900 year old building holds here

We’re going back to the Skirrid Inn and will spend the night there so I may have further experiences to share……..

old sign Skirrid Inn by Michele Eve Mystical Times blog