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As if by Magic, it Appeared

 from Old French aport, from aporter (vb), from Latin ad- + portāre to carry
APPORT mediumistic reading medium spooky

When I was over in the US back in the mid 2000s, I would get requests from people wanting to have a mediumistic reading from me. These readings were only heard about by word of mouth and usually, a friend of mine would facilitate where these readings could be held.

For this particular reading, it was given in a business school and in a room no-one else would be using. No one in the building apart from myself, my friend and the person wanting the reading knew what I was there for. The lady, who worked at the facility and who was having the reading, came into the room and I spent over an hour with her as I gave her a reading. Her deceased grandfather's energy came through and it was only afterwards that I found out that it was him she was wanting to hear from.

To further validate her reading, she asked me to give her grandfather's name and his energy was able to correctly give me that. She was crying at the end of her reading and said she was very grateful for all the information the reading was able to give her. She then returns to her office and I stay in the room where I gave the reading in so I could relax after such an emotional session.

It was just minutes after the lady went back to her office when she approached me, holding a photograph in her hand. She then told me that when she had gone back into her office and found the photo of her and a sibling when they were children. It had been placed just on top of her keyboard. 

She said there had only been 2 copies of this photo, one for her parents and one for one set of grandparents- one of these grandparents was the person who came though in the reading. She was shocked and shaken up with finding this in her place of work, understandably so!

At the time, I didn't really know about apports but this was certainly what this photograph was.

An apport is an alleged transference of a physical object one from place to another. From where, it's mostly unknown as we only usually discover the object after it has arrived. Some people when doing a séance or other methods of connecting to the spiritual/paranormal world can also ask for an object to appear and there are many cases of that actually happening. Cases of poltergeist activity can also bring about apports too.

I also believe that a Spiritualist church in the U.K has an apport cabinet, filled with apports they have received during a long period of time.