Trauma and a Night Time Visitor

I tend to believe there is a correlation between having a traumatic life experience or a near death experience with seeing/sensing something paranormal or spiritual. My own personal experience could perhaps explain why I tend to believe this. When I was 3 years old, my father took me fishing but whilst he focused on his fishing, I wandered off and within 45 seconds, he realised I wasn't sat next to him.

He found me lying face down on the bank of the river, just 10 steps away from where I had been seated.
He pulled me out of the river and I spluttered out the water I had swallowed. I don't think I died but had he not found me, I probably would've drowned. So quite a deeply disturbing situation for anyone, let alone a 3 year old.
I do not remember this incident happening but I do remember my father running with me in his arms and all I could see was green, like grass, foliage etc then my mother washing me down in the kitchen sink.
It was a couple of months afterwards that I had my Grandfather James come to read me stories at bedtime. Again, I do not recall exactly what happened with these experiences but I do remember the bedroom curtains blowing and I would see Grandfather James.
He made me feel safe and loved.
I told my mother of these visits. Both my parents found comfort in what I told them.
My Grandfather James had died 21 years before I was born- he was just 53 and my own father had just been 21 years old. As I grew up, I was informed that Grandfather James had been unable to talk and was also deaf. Yet my experiences with him, he was able to speak and listen.
I can only guess that my traumatic experience opened up whatever it is that allows for such experiences to happen. This was my first experience of this kind but it wasn't to be my last..