Avebury Fairy Experience

It was in 2016 that I went to Avebury stone circle with my partner as my big sister had not long passed away and I was full of grief, so my partner had suggested we go to Avebury, as I find it a peaceful place and he was hoping that this would help with my grieving process and give me some comfort. It was after 9pm on an April night when we got there. The light of the pub was helpful when going towards the stones. We stopped at the third stone, where me and my partner huddled against the stone together. For some reason, I didn't want to go over to my favourite stone (The Devils Chair), which was just 3 stones away, so we remained huddled at the 3rd stone opposite the pub. My partner was facing outwards (looking towards the area of The Wishing Tree) and I was looking all around, as we were both taking in what little we could see.

We stood like this for several minutes then we heard an Owl hoot. As I looked round to see where the hooting has come from, I said to my partner "Did you hear that?" and he replied "Yes". We both agreed it was lovely to hear. As this was being said, I looked towards the next stone, and it was then I saw this tiny figure. It was behind the next stone at the bottom and was peeking behind the stone. It was around 18" tall, misty white but defined. I could see it had a square build; chunky I would say. I could see it had some sort of hat on. The hat had a slight peak to it. Looking at the build, I would say it was male. As I said this, the little figure ran out from behind the stone and it took about 3-4 footsteps and it just wasn't there anymore!  

I said to my partner that I had just seen a misty, small man, who looked like a gnome! I was very perplexed but nothing else happened during that particular visit. I have been back there several times and not seen anything like that again.