Name Calling

Disembodied voice haunted house Gloucestershire

One of my adult sons is living with us at the moment. His room is on the 3rd floor so there's another set of stairs in this 3 storey house. His room is self contained with en suite facilities so it's usually only him who uses this second set of stairs.

When we first greet each other in the morning, we always ask if the other one slept well. So it was no different this morning. My son went on to ask if I had called his name around 5am. He said it had woken him up and as it was a female voice, he thought it was me. I said it wasn't me as I didn't wake up till gone 6am. He said he thought it was me because he may have been snoring extra loud and woken me up but I've not heard him snore since living here.

This is the first time his name has been called by a disembodied voice. He said the voice hadn't scared him ( as he thought it was me) but thought it was odd at the time as it seemed to come from the bottom of the stairs leading to his room, which is the landing from where I heard the whispering women from the first set of stairs. He said the voice had elongated his name (his name is 1 syllable).

I am due to visit the previous owner of the house in the next week or so and I think I'll start to ask her if she had ever experienced anything along these lines during her 35 years of living here.

Image © Jim Warren