Voices, Knocks and Visitors

Around the end of September, I saw another dark figure in the garden. This one was smaller and was moving very quickly. Again, like the last one, it walked into the fence.

During September, my partner heard a cat meow on several occasions. It wasn’t Newman as his meow is quite distinct(it’s quite low and grouchy sounding). Meows were heard on the 1st flight of stairs.

At the beginning of October around 10.30 pm, I was in bed and was woken up by a pressure on the mattress. It felt like it was a cat and at first I thought Newman had got through the stair gate. But as I lay there, with my eyes open, I could see that the bedroom door was closed but was still feeling the pressure of a cat walking on the mattress. It walked on my partner's side of the bed, then proceeded to walk by where I was laying down, only for it to stop as suddenly as it began.

The next day, around 8pm, I saw a flash of white coming down the first staircase.

At the beginning of November, it was around 2pm, the doorbell rang. I answered the door but no one was there nor was there anyone in the street and it’s usually a busy street. I thought it may have been a delivery for a neighbour who wasn’t in but there was no courier or delivery van around.

Several days later in November, I was woken up around 5am by 2 young males talking to each other- one sounded as though he was 13/14 and the other one sounded as though he was about 10/11. I could hear them conversing but couldn’t make out any words. It fully woke me up and I could still hear them.

At the end of November, there was a tap at the front door and the sound as though something was put on the doorstep but again, no one there and no one in the street. Could it have been someone mucking about? Yes but again, like the doorbell ringing incident, no one in the street, either on foot or in a vehicle.

In the middle of December at 3 am, I was woken up by people chatting as though there was some sort of gathering or that a party was going on. Heard females talking and glasses clinking. I got out of bed and the noise stopped.

Just before Christmas, the previous owner (I’ll call her E) of the house popped round as something had been posted to her to this address. It was the first time I had approached the subject of strange happenings in the house. She said she had never experienced anything like that when living here but she had seen several ghosts in her lifetime. She’s going to show me photos of the house when she and her husband first moved here. She then went on to tell me about the lady who had sold the house to them. This lady was a widow as her husband had passed away hence why she was selling the house. It’s not clear if the husband died in this house so I’ll research that and let you know. The startling part of the conversation was that the description of the widow E spoke of was exactly the same as the ghostly figure I have seen in the bedroom- the same style of hat and dress. E remarked this lady was immaculately dressed and I remember my jaw dropping and blurted out that I had seen her in the bedroom!

On the morning of 29th December, I was woken up at 3am by what I thought was my partner getting out of bed and opening the bedroom door. He was fast asleep next to me.

Update on previous owners of the house


Previous owners husband in uniform

I’ve been looking into the life of the woman who owned my house before it was purchased by the people who sold it to us. 

I found very little about her but here’s what I did find; she grew up in a house just 2 doors away. She lived there with her mother, father and 8 siblings. Must have been very cramped as these houses were not originally spacious when first built! 

Her husband's family were precious metal dealers and known in the town due to having a local shop. Her husband had been a dispatch rider in WWI and during this time, he had an accident where he had to have one of his legs amputated.

Two of her brothers were notable; one was injured during WWI and was in hospital due to his leg being wounded but was said to have died several weeks later due a severe wound to his chest. It was not stated just how he received this deadly wound but it is noted that numerous ‘incidents’ happened at the hospital, which resulted in casualties. The 2nd brother, who didn’t enlist for WWI, was working in London, and that he and his daughter were injured during a Zeppelin attack in 1915.

Newspaper coverage of Zeppelin attacks