Bumps and Bangs

An update September 2022

Things here, regarding the strange happenings, have been few and far between. My neighbour has had a beautiful girl and what is notable, is that what my neighbour use to hear, a cat jumping off her bed, has stopped for her but now we hear it!

We have quite a low bed and Newman is a bit weighty but each time this noise is heard, Newman is always accounted for so it's not him. He does watch the stairs as though he's watching someone or something, go up there.

I've heard a boys voice from the bedroom. This can happen at anytime but mainly at night whilst in the bedroom. The one time it was really loud, it woke me up from a dead sleep around 2am. I even went downstairs to check there was no one there. I would say the boy sounds around 8-10 years of age