Neighbour Noise

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My next door neighbour is very friendly and a good neighbour, We take in parcels for each other and always have a chat. She wanted to meet Newman the cat so when he had settled into his new home, I invited the neighbour around. I apologised for the noise our washing machine had been making (it's in the bathroom on floorboards so quite loud) and she said she hadn't heard it but she had heard us knocking on the walls. She presumed we had been putting up pictures etc. I pointed to all my framed art and said that I was still waiting to get the hammers from storage so I could put up all the framed pictures. She looked shocked and said there had been banging on the shared wall between our houses for about 10-15 minutes. Even her 6 year old had said to her "Where's that banging coming from?" and she replied it's our neighbours and as they've just moved in, they'll be putting up their pictures on the walls. She was visibly shocked when I told her it couldn't be us.

I've also noticed that the batteries in my laptop and phone now drain really quickly since moving here- could just be a coincidence- or not?

From the small amount of research I've done on the land this house is built on, it was a gated & walled orchard and green fields but it had some sort of tithe barn on it and it had something to do with an abbot but I need to do further research on this.

Not sure if these 2 experiences are the beginning of something or just 2 odd experiences and that's that but I will document it here if anything else occurs or if I find out some interesting history about the land.