The Friendly Feline

Things here have been generally quiet until the first week of April. It was the evening of April 4th and I had gone to bed around 9pm, where I watched some tv then tried to fall asleep. Just as I was fully relaxed, I felt something. small in size, jump onto the bed and then walk from one side of the bed, towards where I lay. I sat up, thinking Newman had got through the door to the stairs and had, somehow, opened the bedroom door but there was nothing to see.

Feeling rather annoyed with being disturbed, I said out loud “Go away” and laid back down to try to fall asleep. This wasn’t to happen as the closed door to the bedroom was being pushed to and fro whilst it remained shut. This time I shout out “Oh piss off” as I’m not the best person when tired! But it worked and I was finally able to fall asleep.

No one else in the house had heard anything. 

The next night I went to be at the same time, again, watched some tv then lights off and try to go to sleep. Again, something jumped on the bed but it was on my side this time. My annoyance began to rise, thinking this was to be a repeat of last night. Again I said “Go away” and turned on my left. I felt little footsteps (or should I say paw steps) come towards me and this time I felt something sit at the back of my bent knees. I thought to myself as long as it stays there and doesn’t move, I can get to sleep but as I turned over, the invisible creature also moved. I could feel my annoyance rising but managed to relax and fall asleep only to be woken by a miaow, right in my ear!

So whether this was due to my state of consciousness, as in trying to relax to fall asleep or was some sort of unseen energy or force. I cannot say. It does, if I am to believe it is a ghost cat, match up to hearing what sounds like a cat jumping off the bed during the daytime. Everyone in the house has heard this at one time or another plus the fact that Newman the cat will run up and down the stairs from the bedroom, as though he’s playing with something or someone. It’s all very interesting but I’d rather not be bothered whilst trying to go to sleep!