Updates and EVP's

Listen to the 2 EVP's that were captured in my son's room in August 2021

There was no activity at all in October. Everything had gone very quiet from the 19th September. It wasn't till the 7th November that activity started up again. I was sitting down with my laptop in the living room at 5pm on 7th November and could see through to the kitchen where there are patio doors that look out onto the garden. Something made me look up and as I looked towards the patio doors, I saw a tall, dark figure walk across the garden and disappear into the fence! It was getting dark but not so dark that you couldn't see the garden, The figure was male, around 6ft tall, wearing a brimmed hat and had a hip length jacket on, which looked a little too large for his slim frame. I could see the hem of the jacket swing as the figure walked with the top of his spine hunched so quite a distinct walk. I saw him take 4 steps then he just vanished! Very odd indeed.

On the morning of the 11th November, my son was woken up by an interior door slamming quite forcibly, at 4am. No one else in the house heard it and we've never heard a door slam from our neighbour, even when it's been during the day.

The last event that happened was on the 15th November. I had just back from work so it was around 6pm, and was chatting with my partner in the kitchen. My son came down and asked what I wanted. I said "Huh?" He said he had heard me call his name twice and that's why he had come down. This is now the second time he's heard my voice call his name.

Now to the EVP's- these were captured in my son's room (as were the last ones) on the 20th August and the first voice sounds like mine but it isn't so I wonder if whatever is in the house (ghost/spirit/energy) has taken to mimicking my voice? This can be thing for disembodied voices or those that are caught on audio (but not heard at the time), Plus what the first voice says (in my opinion) goes back to my first spooky experience I had in this house and what I called 'The Whispering Women'. So I'd be interested in what you hear! Let me know via email or Twitter 

Another update -18/11/2021 My Son fell asleep in his bedroom last night but his television was left on. He said he'd been having a dream but was woken up by a physical sensation of someone getting into his bed with him and putting their arms around him. This happened around 2am We spoke of the possibilities of sleep paralysis or his mind being confused due to the television being left on. Either of these explanations could very well be what happened but it still needs to be included in my record keeping of strange happenings in the house. A lot of strange things seem to happen in the 3rd floor bedroom; the calling of my sons name in my voice, the EVP's