Inside Out

Update for April 2022
Strange happenings Tewkesbury house Gloucestershire

Now, this is the weirdest experience in this house to date and I am so glad that my partner was able to witness this weirdness!

I'm behind in getting my audio/podcast/more articles on my website out there. This is due to my having had pneumonia at the beginning of March. I was pretty ill but luckily not bad enough to have been admitted to hospital. I was ill for all of March and am recovering still. My voice went sounding like Marge Simpson to a boy whose voice is breaking. Voice is getting better and whilst I was pretty ill, there were no spooky experiences happening- until the 27th March 2022.

I was sitting on the sofa in the living room with my partner. Newman was sleeping on a chair in the kitchen and It was getting dark outside. I went up to the bathroom, come back down and sat back on the sofa. All of a sudden, I saw flashes of light in the kitchen, at the bottom of the stairs then I saw a figure of person. Couldn't tell if the person was male of female but I exclaimed "There's a person!" My partner immediately got up (as he thought there actually an unknown person in the kitchen) but, of course, there was no one there. I looked out in the garden through the kitchen patio doors and saw the studio sheds lights were on and the door was open. This is pretty normal as my partner will be in and out of there so leaves the light on and door open. Now for the weirdest part- Newman the cat was sat in the doorway of the studio shed but neither of us had let him out! How the hell did he get outside? If I hadn't of seen those flashes of light and the figure, I don't know when we would've know that Newman was in the garden. The garden is cat safe so Newman couldn't have tried to get over the wall or fence. It was quite shocking to have seen him asleep on a kitchen chair to then see him outside, all within a few minutes. I don't know what that was about but it did unsettle me.

So it's gone from no activity when I was ill to something quite unsettling as I was convalescing. We're all keeping a close eye on Newman as I don't want that happening again!

A quick update for the rest of April & beginning of May 2022

My next door neighbour gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and since then, we've been experiencing what my neighbour had been experiencing and that is what sounds like the noise of a cat jumping off a bed. My neighbour also has a cat but her cat was either sitting next to her or was outside when she heard these sounds. It's the same here when we hear the noise; Newman is always in sight. We go check upstairs but nothing is out of place.

Fast forward to the early hours of May 4th. I am woken up by what I think is my son thumping around his room. This is at 2am. Feeling slightly annoyed (hate being woken up!), I lay there, practising some calming breathing so I can get back to sleep. As I am doing this, a male voice shouts out my name. Doesn't sound like my son, so I get up to see if anything is amiss but nothing or no one is there. I get back into bed, put on a podcast on and fall asleep.