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Example of a Tithe Barn interior

I've been taking notes of any phenomena happening in the house so I could write about several incidences in 1 post. At the end of June, I saw a big blue light in my bedroom at around 9.30pm. It was to my left and when I looked at it full on, it shimmered and golden drops fell from it, then it disappeared. The next night, at around 9pm, I saw the outline of a shadowy figure. It was dark but not fully dark in the room. The figure was around 5ft 3/4" and it appeared to have a wide brimmed hat on with a full skirt on. It walked past the wardrobe then just dispersed.

A few days later, after we had a new door hung on the bedroom and later that night (10pm), loud footsteps were heard on the landing by this bedroom. My son (who was in the bedroom above) and my neighbour heard these footsteps but my partner, who was downstairs, never heard them.

Later that week, I went for a nap in the bedroom and Newman the cat came along too. I was woken up by being tapped on my right forearm. Thinking it was Newman, I went to stroke him but he was asleep on the other side of the bed!

I have given my neighbour a mediumistic reading (at her request) on July 7th and my vivid dreams and activity around both our houses quieten for a couple of weeks.

Towards the end of July, I heard my name being called 3 times. One of the times, I had ear buds in and somehow, the voice calling my name, came through the left ear bud. Made me feel a little odd that one!

The next day, I was in bed and the door, at the bottom was being pushed. I thought Newman the cat had managed to get through the (modified it measures 6ft in height) stairgate and was wanting to come into the bedroom. Logic kicked into my thinking and there's no way he could get past the stairgate so turned over and began to try to get to sleep. It was around 10 minutes later that something whacked against the bottom of the door. I got up straight away, thinking I had been wrong about Newman not being able to get through the stairgate so slowly opened the door, only to find nothing there. The stairgate was still attached and I checked on Newman and he was asleep in the living room.

Also, for the last week, I've been having vivid dreams about being in the middle of a really large field. Where this house now is, was a large field, with a Tithe barn which was used for a gaol at one point. I am going through more records of the area to verify what I've found. I've been unable to meet up with the previous owner but hope to do so within the next few weeks. I've also captured several evps and I will put them all together some time soon.