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There have been 3 more incidences of strangeness since I last posted plus I will add some history about the house that I have found out. This 1st incident happened at 10.30am and I was in the house on my own. I was in the bathroom, which is the upstairs room, nearest the stairs. So when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, I assumed it was either my partner or son. I shouted out "Hello" but no answer so opened the door and shouted it again. No one answered as no one but me was in the house!

The next evening, around 9.30pm, I sat out in the back garden. We had been out for a meal (no alcoholic drinks for me) and it was a nice way to relax in the cool of the night. I had been sat outside for about 10 minutes when I heard a male & female voice singing- the singing consisted of just 2 lines sung. It had a strange sound to it; almost as though it was far away yet near. It was strange how it started and how it just stopped. There was no music with the singing, just the singing voices. It was quite mesmerising.

Just a couple of days ago, I was woken up by some banging noises. Hardly hear any noise from the neighbours but thought it could be them, maybe dropping something rather large. (This was proved not to be the case as I had asked our neighbour.) I then tried to get back to sleep but then the bedroom door was being shook (again!)- it was closed yet was being moved somehow. Of course I got up to investigate but nothing was to be found.

I'm still having dreams of being in a large field and just looking around. Considering where the house is built, it was on a large field with some buildings so maybe that's seeping into my dreams?

I do also have some evps to share but I am cleaning them up so will post these soon.

Onto the history I have found out- when this land was mainly a field (it was quite a few acres), there were tracks across it where people travelled via cart. Unfortunately, a 3 year old child was run over by a cart and crushed to death by the sheer weight of the wheels. How near that was to where my house is, I don't know.

Some House History

I found 2 names of the 1861 census for the house but so far, unable to find anymore at this address but I'll keep on searching.2 women lived here, one owner or renter (a cleaner ) and her lodger (a seamstress). Could these be the 'Whispering Women?' An interesting point to add is that the first staircase and kitchen would've been part of the garden/back of house before an extension was built in the later 1980's

I also found some very sad news about the occupants of the house during WWII, This happened in 1943 and until I find out more, I am presuming this young man, his wife and baby lived at my address as it's the only one mentioned. I've details of where the funeral took place but I am still in the process of finding where the burial happened.