Updates January and February 2022

All was quiet in and around the house during the month of December 2021. Things started to stir up on the evening of January 3rd 2022.

I was prepping vegetables for dinner in the kitchen diner and something made look behind me, towards the staircase. I saw the figure of male in motion, as though he was walking towards the living room. I saw he had on a navy top and light coloured trousers. It was a very quick visual and only lasted for 10-15 seconds. Me, being very practical about these sorts of things, tried to recreate what I had seen by turning round several times to no avail. Nothing under the stairs resembled the figure or the colouring of clothing I saw. Interesting note to add that the kitchen diner and staircase have only been part of the house since the mid 1980's so this would've been the garden before then.

It was later that night that I was sat in the living room when I saw another male figure but right by the patio doors in the kitchen diner. The patio doors lead to a veranda then the small garden. No redeeming features, just a male human figure. this was around 7.30pm

It was not long after 9pm on the same evening, I received a WhatsApp message from my neighbour, asking if I could hear a high pitched intermittent noise. I replied that I couldn't hear any noise like that and told her to check her smoke alarms in case it was any of them. She wasn't able to do that due to the high ceilings they were on and her being heavily pregnant so I sent my partner round there to test them as I was off to bed. He was back within 2 minutes saying they were fine and he couldn't hear the noise but felt it was me that the neighbour really wanted to see.

As I was off to bed, I took my phone upstairs and sent her a message saying that she wasn't to worry and if the noise was still happening, I would go round there first thing and we'd look for where it was coming from. Told her not to worry as she was on her own that night and we were only next door if she got too scared. I then placed my phone down and brushed my teeth. After I had done that, I picked up the phone to see if she had replied. When I looked at the screen, I saw that where I send messages, had a message on it-without me typing it! See photos opposite. Coincidentally, I saw the message on the spot where I had heard the whispering women on my first night in the house ( read about that here) and it made me freeze in that spot when I saw the message. It maybe is just a technical glitch but it was weird!

I had to show my partner the screen shots (had to do 2 separate screenshots to fit all the message) as it was rather odd indeed. My neighbour did reply and say the noise had stopped. I checked in with her the next day and she said she had heard that noise on and off on that day but after my partner went round, she hadn't heard it again. So who knows what the noise was or where it coming from? It was a very odd day

Fast forward to January 16th. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen diner when I heard the front door open and a male voice say a low "Uuurghhh", The sort of sound you might make getting inside your house when you've been caught in a heavy downfall of rain. So I watched and waited for the inside porch door to open and my partner walk in. No-one came in so I went to check he was ok but no-one was there. He arrived 15 minutes later but no 'urgh' sound.

3 days later, I was sat on the sofa and something in the stair area caught my eye; it was a large faded black shape sliding up the wall at the bottom of the stairs. It was even more odd due to it sliding up the wall. Never seen that before.