A Very English Haunting

In the pretty village of Bredon, close to the town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, there was a ghostly figure spotted 3 different times by 3 different witnesses. The first sighting was 10 years ago and the lady of the house called The Tewkesbury Register newspaper, who sent a reporter to the house.

The first sighting was in the1950’s and was witnessed by the lady of the house, who I’ll call Mrs M. At this time, Mrs M and her family had driven up to their 2nd home in Bredon from their main residence in Dorset. After a good night's sleep, Mrs M and her 2 small sons were watching a cricket match on the television in the lounge. It was very exciting for them as they had never seen a television before and were enthralled by watching the moving figures on the screen. After the match had finished, the 2 small boys went out to play in the garden and Mrs M made her way up to the bathroom. As she ascended the stairs, she looked up to see a ghostly figure walk out of the bathroom, walk across the landing and walk up another set of stairs that led to the attic and at the top of the stairs, he completely disappeared. She observed he was a male and was wearing cricketing flannels.

Mrs M said the figure made no sound and her curiosity got the better of her so she went up the attic stairs and went into the attic, only to find it completely empty. She didn’t think much more of what she had experienced until a few days later when her youngest son, whilst walking up the stairs, exclaimed “There’s the ghost cricketer outside Mummy’s room!” Her older son said “What ghost?” “Where?”. It was only later that Mrs M spoke about her sighting to the children and told them that there was nothing to be scared of.

6 years later, Mrs M and her family had permanently moved into the Bredon house. During this time, they had a male friend, Mr D, who was staying at the house as he was attending the races at Cheltenham. Mr D was sitting on his own at the dining table in the dining room. He was sat by the window whilst reading the newspaper when he looked out the window. He saw a young man wearing cricketing whites walk past the window, Mr D later asked Mrs M who else was staying in the house, only for her to say he was the only guest. Mr D then went on and described the young man in his white cricketing outfit. Mrs M had never spoken about what she and her youngest son had seen. Mrs M told the reporter that the figure they all had seen wasn’t wispy or see-through as one would expect a ghost to be but looked like any other flesh and blood person.

The reporter asked other Bredon residents if they had seen anything ghostly or knew who this figure could’ve been but got no answers as no one had experienced this figure nor knew who he could’ve been.

The house and its residents have ever been named so what house or family still remains a secret even 50 plus years later.

If you’ve had a ghostly or spooky experience in or around the village of Bredon then please contact me here - Michele Eve