The Lord, A Lady in White and the Treasure

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

This particular experience was shared to the Ghost Club by Lord Castletown.

When Lord Castletown was a small boy, he was part of a group of other children and relatives, who all decided to spend Christmas Eve in an ancestral home, which was owned by one of the people in the group. This old manor house was built in 1640 and was near to the beautiful town of Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.

No one lived in the manor house aside from the caretaker and his family so the group decided to split up and sleep in different areas of the house. They spent the evening having lots of fun by dancing, playing games so by the time it came for them all to retire to bed, ghosts were the last thing on their minds. They all went to their chosen areas of where to sleep.

A while after they fell asleep, the boy Lord Castletown, was awoken with a start; he banged his head on the metal part of the bed he was sleeping in and he said, as he opened his eyes, he saw the face of a woman, who was unknown to him. He described her face as being soft and gentle and he didn't feel afraid. He thought at the time that it must be the caretaker's wife and as he pulled his face away from hers to speak, he saw that there was only her face and bust area that could be seen!

As he tried to process what he was seeing, the lady had raised a previously unseen arm and with this arm, she beckoned him towards her. He said he felt almost hypnotised to stand up and go towards her. As he did raise up from his bed, the lady became fully visible. She turned to walk away and as she did, the boy could see she was wearing a long white nightgown, which swished from side to side as she walked. He followed her out of the bedroom, along many corridors and he said he did not feel afraid or cold, he felt compelled to follow her.

The lady eventually went into a room, which the boy said he knew this room had been unoccupied, even when the house had families and servants living there. He said the lady walked around the room and started to point to an area on one of the walls. As she did this, she became motionless and then just disappeared.

The boy had to return to his room in the dark but managed to find his sleeping area and went back to sleep. When he awoke in the morning, he felt it must've been a dream but when he checked the bottom of his feet, they were very dirty. He then told his Uncle, who also had stayed overnight and even showed him the dirty side of his feet. They both went to find the room in which the Lady in White had taken the boy to and the uncle marked the wall where the Lady in White had pointed to.

After Christmas, a mason was brought to the manor house, to chip away at the wall where it had been marked. To everyone's astonishment, there was a plinth behind the wall, which contained many items of family jewellery, previously thought to have been lost throughout the centuries!