A Tale of 2 Haunted Hills

These 2 experiences were told to writer Kathleen Wiltshire, who wrote the book 'Ghost and Legends of the Wiltshire Countryside'.

Miss Muriel Cobern told of her 1965 experience in the summer on Walkers Hill, Wiltshire. She was walking back from the barrow above the white horse, heading towards the lay-by, where she had parked her car and this was at the top of the hill. She had walked around 50 yards nearer to the barrow when a sense of unease came upon her. She glanced around, looking towards the sky, yet she felt the air had turned cold yet the sheep in the fields were acting in their normal way. This gave her a sense of normality and she carried on walking towards where her car was parked.

All of a sudden, she heard the distinct sound of horses hooves, as though there were very many horses, all galloping. She then quickened her speed as she felt she was in danger of being trampled by these unseen horses. She soon passed the barrow and as she did, the noise of these horses' hooves just stopped. There were no horses to be seen at all.

Another person Kathleen Wiltshire spoke to was a shepherd (no name given) who kept his flock of sheep on Cherhill Down. There is an old Roman road by there, which runs through the Oldbury Camp Hill Fort (which also leads to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire too) so lots of history.

The shepherd said he had seen a lot of men marching and that they had been wearing skirts. When asked were they men?

He replied they were as they all had beards and they wore helmets, some of which had some sort of hair protruding through the helmets (I'm guessing like a mohawk on their helmets) and he added that they had a bird of some sort on a pole. I would imagine the bird was an Eagle and ornamental rather than a live one.

So what did these 2 people experience?

A herd of horses, unseen yet heard and what could be described as a unit of Roman soldiers marching on the old Roman road.

Both these areas have a long history and it seems as though, for some, history comes alive.