The Strange Happenings of a Small Somerset Village

Haunted Berkley, Frome, Somerset

The village of Berkley is in Somerset and lies on the north-east edge of Frome. The last census showed the population of the village was 344.  Back in the day, the centre of the village had been Berkley Marsh, which was around a mile from Berkley. Berkley Marsh had its own small church and several cottages. The village of Berkley had Berkley House, a bigger church, and a school.

All that’s left of Berkely Marsh is a pond where the small church once stood. Rumour has it that this pond was used as a ducking pond.

It’s in this area that strange hauntings have been witnessed. In 1936, a local newspaper wrote up a piece about these hauntings and this is what it reported. Reverend Crossing, who lived in the rectory, witnessed a singing voice, that of a Tenor, coming from around the area of the church. He witnessed this on several occasions but could never quite know where the voice was coming from. Even the singing congregation heard this singing voice, joining in when they sang hymns. This was said by some locals, to be the voice of a dead monk who once sang in the choir.

Another haunting said to have happened in the church, would only occur when the church brasses had been cleaned. Whoever had cleaned them would feel an icy breath upon their shoulder.

It’s also said that there is a grave in the churchyard of someone who committed suicide and that strange wreaths appear on that grave. No one seemed to know who placed them there.

A strange tall shadow figure would also be seen, walking to the churchyard, only to vanish as he entered it.

There’s also a dark figure of a male seen walking where there was once a road but only when a storm would occur. The old road was covered with trees and hedges, but the figure had been seen to walk through those, as though they were clouds. The figure would make his way to the village, only to disappear when the storm passed.

There was talk of an exorcism that happened in Berkley House.  One of the maids was said to have been a medium. There would be tapping heard on the walls of her room and her chair would also be witnessed moving on its own. The head housekeeper asked 3 of the male staff to try and help rid the maid of this activity. The poor maid was very frightened by this amateur exorcism as the men kept asking “Who are you?” and “Tell us your name!” and for every time these questions were asked, it was answered by 3 taps.

The men held vigil overnight, whilst reciting verses from the Bible. By the time dawn broke, the tapping had stopped. The 3 men were exhausted but the young maid felt at peace.

So many strange happenings for such a small village. Both the church and Berkley House were built around the same time during the 1700s and were both affected by strange hauntings and activity.