The Medieval Flatulist

People can do the strangest things to entertain others. We may think that someone farting in a jar and selling it online is a step too far but farting has always been entertaining for some for quite a few centuries. Here’s the story of one man, whose farting gave him a rich and comfortable life.

It was around the reign of King Henry II (1154-1189), that there was a court entertainer called Rowland le Sarcere. He had a few names he went by;Rollandi le Pettour, Rollandus le Pettus, Roland le Fartere, Roulandus le Fartere, and Roland le Sarcere, or in plain English- Rowland the Farter.

He had one gig a year. This was to perform an act called Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum" (one jump and whistle and one fart) for the King's court at Christmas.

For this he was greatly rewarded. He was given a house, Hemingstone Hall and 99 acres of land in the county of Suffolk.

It seems little more is known about Rowland le Sarcere, apart from his farting and the rich rewards he received for this ability.

Here’s an interesting link to find out a little more about his life- One Jump, One Whistle and a Fart