A Timeslip at Grandmothers Cottage

This timeslip occurred near Bury, Lancashire, around 1920 and was told to paranormal author, Joan Forman. It involves a Louisa Hand, who was around 8 or 9 years of age when this strange event occurred. She was at her grandmother’s cottage and was playing in outside, at the front of the cottage.

She stopped playing and ran back inside, only to see that the furniture had changed, along with the door to the kitchen. Louisa said the furniture looked older than the usual furniture and that inside the house was much darker. She also mentioned that it was rather silent in the cottage too.

Louisa thought that she may have entered the wrong cottage, even though her grandmother’s cottage was the first in the row if cottages, so she went back out to check it was her grandmother’s cottage and it was. She entered the cottage for a second time, but it still had the different furniture and no door to the kitchen.

Again, she left the cottage and got distracted by playing with some other children. After she had played with them, she, again, went back into her grandmother’s cottage and it had reverted back to normal.

Very strange to think that someone, especially a child, witnessed some sort of timeslip, not once but twice and I would imagine she felt a huge sense of relief when she saw her grandmother’s cottage looking as it should.