Close by to Bold Street, Liverpool, England (3)

Liverpool time slip

This time slip experience was at Central Station in Liverpool, just off Bold Street, which has had many reports of this phenomena.

*This happened in the 1960's so the train station was set up in a slightly different way to how it is today. Trains would come into the station, and they would be shunted down to a dead end then would be able to come back up on the other side of the station. Also, when passengers left the station, they would have to climb a long stairway so they would end up going onto Cases Street, which would've been on their left. This was also the entrance to the station as well, so the stairs would be quite busy with passengers leaving or arriving.

The person who had this experience (I'll call him Rob), said he had started to descend the stairs, as he was going to catch a train and the stairs were packed with people leaving the station. As Rob looked towards those ascending the stairs, he caught sight of who he thought was his grandmother. She had passed away several years ago, but Rob said she had her own definitive way of dress. He likened her style as to the styles of the 1930's, a very prim and put together stylish look.

He was certain it was her he was seeing. He tried to reach her, but the stairs were so packed, he was unable to. He then saw his grandmother turn left towards the exit. He then saw a gap in the crowded stairwell and rushed up to try and reach her. He ran out of the exit, and she was no-where to be seen. There was nowhere else she could've gone in such a short time, even if she had been able to run (having passed away in her 70's, this wouldn't have been something she would've been capable of doing).

Rob was bewildered by what he had experienced. He knew she had passed away but then he knew he had seen her on that stairwell.

*Credit for this experience being researched & documented to Dr Ann Winsper