A Trio Of Time Slip Experiences

 Here are 3 short time slip experiences that aren’t that widely known. 

*For the first experience, we go to Swindon in Wiltshire and it was in the 1930’s that a Mrs Edna Hedges was cycling along Ermine Street, which had once been a Roman road. She was off to meet a friend when the weather became stormy and she had to find shelter from the torrential rain. She saw a thatched cottage just off Ermine street and saw smoke coming from the chimney, a sign that someone was at home and in front of a fire, so she made her way to the cottage.

She knocked on the door and it was answered by a tall bearded older man and she asked him if she could take shelter from the storm in his cottage. He let her in and she saw a very bright fire burning in the fireplace. She recalled that she never heard the man speak. Her memory is that she saw the fire then found herself back on her bicycle, continuing her journey and the storm was no longer happening. She just couldn’t remember leaving the cottage, just her arrival and seeing the man and the fire. 

When she arrived at her friend's house, her friend was surprised to see Edna’s clothes were bone dry, despite the heavy rainfall. Edna told her friend about finding shelter at the bearded man’s cottage. Her friend said that there was no longer a cottage, thatched or otherwise just off of Ermine street, just an unused track that led to a knocked down cottage, which hadn’t been lived in for over 50 years or more. 

Edna retraced her journey and indeed did find the remains of a cottage where she had found shelter. She was lost for words as she knew what had happened, even her clothing had been dry. So just what had she experienced? 

*We now travel to Devon to the first half of the 20th century, where 3 girls were on a shooting expedition with their father on Dartmoor, near Buckfastleigh. The 3 girls went off to explore the area, unbeknown to their father, and it was becoming dark and the girls had lost their way. They saw the light further up from where they were so headed towards it. They found a cottage and as they peered into the window, they saw an elderly man and woman who were sitting by the open fire.

As they further observed the cosy scene, the cottage and the elderly couple completely vanished, right before their eyes and they were plunged into total darkness! 

The 3rd account was told to Andrew MacKenzie and took place at Windmill Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire ( you can look up the time slip experience that happened at Avebury here). It was in the summer month of August in 1966 and it was experienced by Dr Martin Harris and his wife Anne. They were descending down Windmill Hill after their walk to the top of it and as they came over a small rise, they saw a figure of a man who was walking rather slowly on the path that had trees on one side and he was heading towards them. He was around 100 yards away from the couple. 

It was a rather warm day and the Harris’ had taken off their outer long sleeved tops so they were surprised to see the man wearing a long dark and heavy overcoat plus he also had a dark hat on, which he had pulled down, so much so that his face was not visible. The couple said whilst they were not staring at him non stop, he was in their vision for around a minute or so. 

Back in time, if this man had been living rough, he would’ve worn his items rather than carry them so this could be the reason as to why he was overdressed for a warm day. 

The couple started to look away as the man drew nearer and as they looked ahead again, the man had completely vanished! Their shock turned to fear as they thought he might be hiding in the trees and maybe jump out at them to rob them. Their car had been broken into only a few weeks previously so were naturally nervous when this man had just disappeared. So they made their way down the path and as they got to the trees, they saw that the trees were quite short and fairly spaced apart so no one could hide within them. An explanation suggested to the couple was that the man could’ve been lying in a wheatfield that was near the path on one side but the Harris’ felt this was unlikely. 

So just what did they experience? A man in heavy clothing on a warm summer's day ascending the path but to just disappear on the only way to get to and from the hill? Were they witness to a crack in time where their consciousness let them see what had been on that path many years ago and by them looking away for several seconds, broke that link and that’s why the man appeared to just vanish?

(*The first two accounts come from the book Phenomena by R Rickyard & J, Mitchell)