Bold Street, Liverpool, England (2)

Time slip experience

At the top of Bold Street, there are the remains of St Luke's church, which was bombed and suffered major damage in WWII. This area around the church has had many incidents of high strangeness but I shall write about these on another blog post. *The man whose experience I am about to share, had no knowledge of these incidents at the time of his time slip experience.

I shall call this man 'Bob'. His experience happened several years ago. It was December when Bob had visited one of his favourite electronic stores in Bold Street. The weather was cold, and it was also icy. After Bob had been to the shop, it was now dark, and he made his way to meet up with a friend for a drink and a catch up. He had to walk towards the ruins of St Luke's to get to the pub.

As he passed the ruined church, he noticed that the inside of the church was all lit up. Bob thought this very unusual as the church didn't even have a roof but thought it had been going through renovations since he had last passed it. Bob said he had only ever seen one single light shining in the porch before this.

A few weeks later, he passed the ruins again, only to find it in pitch black darkness, locked up and derelict. It was later when Bob found out about the other strange events that also had occurred there and this made him think that his experience could also be labelled as part of the high strangeness surrounding this area.

*Credit for this experience being researched & documented to Dr Ann Winsper