Time Slip in 2006 Bold Street, Liverpool

Jane told me she had been reading about time slips over the past 15+ years since it happened to her in the mid 2000’s on Bold Street in Liverpool, whilst she was attending university in Liverpool. It was late autumn around November time, and Jane said it would have been around 3pm as she was due to meet a friend for a few drinks and then onto a restaurant for a meal. The weather that day was dull, overcast and very blustery. 

Jane was meeting her friend at Central Station and was walking down Bold street towards the station when she thought she’d give her a call to tell her she was nearly there. Jane called her on her mobile phone and they started to chat but halfway through the conversion and coincidentally nearly half way down Bold street when the call went dead. Jane looked around and realised she had walked onto some period drama filming on Bold street and was wondering how she would get around this to meet her friend at the bottom of the street.

Jane went on to describe just what she had seen; there were horses and carriages. Mud, straw and muck in the road and the women were dressed in big gowns and the men wore suits with tails and hats, just like you’d have seen on a vintage Quality Street Christmas advert. It seemed to have been a no expenses spared production, even down to the large oil lamps in the street. Jane noticed that the atmosphere was very calm and vibrant, like it was during the Spring or Summer season. 

An elderly man sweeping outside a shop gestured for me to get out of the way but I didn’t speak to him, I just did as I was told and was very annoyed that I had stumbled onto what I thought was a film set. The whole thing probably lasted around a minute. 

I looked down at my mobile and tried to call my friend again and as I glanced back up all was normal. Just Like I had imagined the whole thing!

 My friend said she’s tried calling me back straight away but the call wouldn’t connect. She did believe me though as I was in a right confused state and felt rather dizzy, when I met her 5 minutes later. 

Jane's last remarks about her time slip experience were 'Only after this did we realise I hadn’t been the first to encounter a time slip on Bold Street. It was so surreal.'