Bold Street, Liverpool, England (4)

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*A local man to the area of Bold Street tells of his time slip experience. I'll refer to him as Steve. Steve used to work on Bold Street so was very familiar with this street in particular. He was off to meet his partner on at a bank on Hanover Street so walked down Bold Street to get to their meeting place. As he approached Bold Street, he noticed that a previously closed down store had a window display, showing their wares. He remembered it had been shut down several years previously and it was empty minus some old window display shelves in the window. Steve was very much surprised by this.
He also noticed that another store, a model shop, had gone back to where it had once been years before it moved to another building opposite. He started to notice that all the cars parked were of a previous decade or so but they didn't look old or worn, quite the opposite. When he began to look at the people in the street, their clothing and hairstyles were more fitting from 10 to 15 years ago. He thought that there must have been some sort of vintage/retro event happening in the city that weekend as this would explain what he was seeing.

Another thing he noticed was that the street seemed unusually quiet; he noted that the sounds appeared somewhat muted. Steve met his partner and they both went into the bank. Everything was as it should be in the bank and they sorted out what they needed to do there. When they both came out of the bank, they proceeded up Bold Street and Steve said everything had gone back to 'normal'.

The model shop was back to where it had been for the last decade or so and the store that had been displaying its merchandise in the window was back to being empty again. Steve thinks it all went back to present day times either when he and his partner entered or emerged from the bank. His partner, who hadn't been on Bold Street when Steve had his experience, did not notice anything when walking back with Steve.

*Credit for this experience being researched & documented to Dr Ann Winsper