Battle of Nechtansmere Time Slip

Battle of Nechtansmere Time Slip
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“Battle between the Picts under King Bruide, and the invading Northumbrians, led by King Ecgfrith. The Picts defeated the Northumbrians, and stopped the tide of conquest in the north, helping preserve what was to become Scotland “

This time slip occurred late at night on January 2nd, 1950, and it was a Miss E.F Smith who experienced this incident. She had attended a cocktail party in a town that was around 10 miles from the village of Letham, under Dunnichen Hill, where 55 year old Miss Smith lived.
She left the party late and drove her car for a couple of miles and due to weather conditions of light snow then rain, plus no road lights nor markings, Miss Smith had driven her car into a ditch. She has insisted that she wasn't injured during her car accident and hasn't lost consciousness either. She made the decision to continue her journey on foot, along with her small dog. Her journey would take her on dark country roads, where farms were scattered around in the countryside. The journey was a difficult one as I am sure you can imagine. She purposely avoided a short cut which would be through a dark wooded area as this made her feel nervous. She also had to carry her small dog for the last 2 miles of the 8 mile journey.
When she was nearing the village of Letham, she started to see a few of the villages houses on the outskirts. She walked towards them and as she came up to the point where Dunnichen Hill is, she began to see groups of lights in the distance. She later said that it caught her eye and felt it had not just 'appeared’, but she had not noticed it until it was in her direct view.
As the lights become more noticeable, she was aware it was a group of people, carrying flaming torches. She then noticed a second group, to her right, and they were around a third of a mile away. A third group appeared even closer to her, just 50 yards away. This third group were heading towards some farm buildings.
This was when Miss Smith's dog, who was sitting upon her shoulder, began to growl, as the dog looked to where the third group was walking with their torch flames. Miss Smith went on to describe the third group were inspecting dead bodies on the ground, turning over the bodies to see if they were one of their own. If the body wasn't recognised, it was turned back to being face down.
Miss Smith went on to describe the clothing of these people. She described their clothing as dark, maybe brown. That they wore tights on their legs, with a tunic style dress that had a roll on the bottom edge. She didn't recall footwear but stated they were not wearing long boots. Another interesting description Miss Smith gave was that the flame torches looked red. In fact, it is revealed that in Scotland it was the resinous roots of the Scotch Fir that were used for these torch flames and the colour of these roots were red. They probably looked more of a vivid red due to the bright flame. Also, she noted that these figures seem to walk around the edges of the field, and it has been discovered that there was an actual small loch there but had been drained many centuries ago.
Miss Smith believes she was seeing the Pictish warriors from 650AD as it was locally known about the battle between the Picts and the Northumbrians that happened in this area.