The Tale of the Coombe Hill Sea Serpent

The Tale of the Coombe Hill Sea Serpent mystical times blog

Around the 15th century, in the then hamlet of Coombe Hill, Gloucestershire, there was talk of a large sea monster (possibly a Knucker Dragon) that came to the riverbanks of the River Severn at that spot.

It began to hunt and eat sheep at first, then it moved on to children and women. Lots of people who lived in that area became very afraid; some even left the area because of it but there was one young man who came up with a plan.

Tome Smith was that young man and he went looking for this creature. Once he found where it rested, he started to bring the creature food. He would place the food and watch the monster eat it. As time went on, the creature began to trust Tom and eventually, Tom was able to handfeed the creature.

The very last time Tom did this, he had brandished an axe and as he fed the creature a large piece of marrowbone, he wielded his axe and with a swift lunge, chopped the monsters head clean off!

Tom's reward was to have free ale, for life, in the local tavern.