The Uffington White Horse & Folklore

The Uffington White Horse & Folklore
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The Uffington White Horse is a prehistoric hill figure, measuring 360 ft in length and is formed by trenches filled with crushed white chalk. It sits upon a hill in the county of Oxfordshire, England.

As you can imagine, there are many tales of folklore relating to this figure and here are just a few of those tales.

It was said that is you stand on the eye of the horse and turn clockwise 3 times whilst making a wish, that wish would come true. Just to add you are no longer allowed to stand on any part of the horse so we won't get the chance to see if this would work.

Once every 100 years or so, it's said that the Uffington white horse is said gallop across the skies to be reshod by Wayland in his smithy. This was last said to have happened in 1920. Wayland's Smithy is an ancient barrow which is within a mile or so of the Uffington White horse. It has connections to the mythological metal worker Wayland Smithy and at this particular area was said to have had an invisible Smith and if you were to bring your horse that needed a new shoe, you'd leave the horse at this particular spot, with the correct money and on your return, several hours later, the money would be gone but your horse would have been shod.

In the 1950's, workmen were carrying out repairs to the Uffington white horse. When the owners of the building company visited to see how the works were going, they found the foreman almost a quarter of a mile away on a shoulder of the hill, giving directions to his team, who were by the horse figure. The foreman was speaking in his normal way, not shouting but he could be heard as though he was right next to you. It seems that the face if the hill acted as some sort of whispering gallery.

I love visiting the Uffington White Horse and Wayland's Smithy too, such magical places and all by an ancient ridgeway too. I have even made myself a bag with the figure of the Uffington White Horse- bottom photo on left